Unpopular Opinion: The Bachelor Sucks

Johana Vazquez    Advertising Manager

If you don’t know what The Bachelor is, it’s basically a reality tv show where a single bachelor starts with twenty-five romantic interests. Then, he goes on dates with all of them, and slowly starts to eliminate contestants until he chooses one of them to marry or get engaged to. There are multiple spin-offs like The Bachelorette (a girl chooses one guy out of many); also, the most recent one to happen, The Bachelor in Paradise where past contestants return to “find love” again.

If you love The Bachelor, I am not coming for you, but the show. I understand everyone has different tastes and interests. I’ve even watched the show once or twice because of friends who are really into them. That said, I spent most of my time cringing when I watched it. I just really have a problem with reality tv shows like this one. 

The premise of the show is to find love. If we were all to find love by dating multiple people at once and eliminating people who don’t fit our standards, I would not want to find love. Since it’s a reality tv show, it rarely shows reality. It just seems superficial. There is no way to really get to know someone for who they really are with cameras following you around everywhere.

The show is filmed within the course of less than two months and The Bachelor/Bachelorette has to fall in love within that time frame. Girls and guys are to prove their worth and compete for someone’s love. I would rather watch a drama show where I know the love between the actors is pretend since they do a better job convincing me it’s real.

Marriage is a serious thing, and the show makes it seem like it’s just a great finale scene. Marriage is about finding someone that will be with you through thick and thin for the rest of your life. The Bachelor/Bachelorette and the contestants do not go through real relationship problems that regular, untelevised couples go through. They just go through petty, staged drama like who made out with who and jealousy. According to Insider, only one couple from The Bachelor and six couples from The Bachelorette are still together. If the premise of the show is to find love, I don’t think it’s doing a very successful job at it.

The contestants themselves are superficial. The reality is that most of the people on the show are just there for fame, to have their name talked about, and appear on tv. They are all the traditional societal standards of beauty: skinny, built, and for the most part, white.

The show also uses an aspect of a contestant to identify them and ridicule them. For example, there was a contestant (I don’t know the name) in an episode from The Bachelor in Paradise in which a girl ate hot sauce and tacos all the time.

Eventually, that is what she was known for in the show.  I cannot stress enough how cringey this show is. Then again, that is my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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