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Spatial Culture of Eastern

Malek Y. Allari Editor-In-Chief

            In the book Cultural Studies: A Practical Introduction, Michael Ryan argues that Cultural Geography teaches us that if the world around us shapes our lives, we also make the world around us over in ways that embody and embed our thoughts, imaginings, ideals, and meanings(12). This idea can be shown in the Eastern community, where not only the campus holds its own “culture,” but also every residential hall has one.

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Reality of Peace

Malek Y. Allari Editor-In-Chief

Let us pose a question. Is the world truly at peace right now? Some will answer yes, and some will answer no. Some will stand with the 5th amendment and say nothing. Another question. What if the whole world spoke one language, people looked the same (skin color and other appearances), served one country, and lived with a smile on their faces; would it be considered world peace? Some people will say that it is impossible, and some will wish for it. It might/not bring world peace, but it might/not bring equality.

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The Presence in GreedFall

Malek Y. Allari Editor-In-Chief

            In GreedFall, the presence of the player in which they intervene with the virtual world of 17th fantasy France is hugely set by their actions and responsibilities. The game starts off with the player being a cousin and nephew of the minister and is considered of royal blood. At the beginning of the game, the player kicks off the story with no knowledge of the social standing, the storyline, or what is the history behind the characters. Unlike other games like Rise of the Tomb Raider,  the NPCs of Greedfall strike a conversation with the player.

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The Place of the Past

Malek Y. Allari Editor-In-Chief

Paris is Burning is a documentary by Jennie Livingston representing the drag culture that was dominated by the LGBTQ+ community and people of color. One of the most important topics of cultural studies that the documentary touched base on was the importance of place. In cultural studies, the place could be physical, mental, and social. A physical place could be a place where a person is living, born, or raised in. The mental place is the mental state that the person is going through. Finally, the social place is in what class does a person fits in, whether it is high, middle, or lower class.

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President Cheng Visit

Aicha Ly Opinion Editor

“You don’t cut your way to greatness, you don’t slash your way to excellence; you got to invest in it.” These are the words of President Terrance Cheng, the president of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities System. He visited Eastern on December 2, 2021 in the school library’s Johnson room. I was one of the students invited to attend this visit of his, and I went prepared with a question that had been weighing my mind and the minds of many others–both students and faculty members: was Cheng planning on replicating the merger he started with CT community colleges, consolidating Eastern, Southern, Western, Central and UCONN?

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The Duality in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Malek Y. Allari Editor-In-Chief

The duality in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a fascinating idea and element that helps the story to convey itself. It also shows the conflict between a person who wants to have a public profile, and at the same time, to be comfortable and free in private. Dr. Jekyll was the public image, and Mr. Hyde was the private free persona that Dr. Jekyll created. 

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Western United States Wildfires and Wildfire Suppression

Samantha Kushel Contributing Writer

It came to a huge shock to thousands of people this summer when we awoke to cloudy skies in New England, I remember going to social media to see what was happening and was stunned to found out this smoke that we were seeing came from the West coast fires! I immediately thought it was a joke because how could smoke from 3,000 miles away be here? This smoke was able to not only travel here but affect our air quality in so many places making it dangerous for a variety of different groups of people to walk outside.  The reason why these fires have gotten so out of hand is due to wildfire suppression acts that were put into place over a century ago, but we are still following them today and if we do not change them soon, it may be too late. 

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Reading: A Thing of the Past

Chanel Brown Contributing Writer

When I was 8 years old, I discovered my interest in reading through Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  I loved the way my imagination was able to create a magical world through simple words on a page.  I enjoyed the feeling of anticipation as I flipped through the chapters; wondering if Harry and his friends could defeat the powerful Lord Voldemort.  I was able to find an escape from the real world through books, and I still love reading to this day.  Reading has not only been an escape for me, but it has also assisted in developing my writing and communications skills.  It is proven in society that literacy is a fundamental tool to be successful in school and most career fields.  So, how could something as important as reading be neglected by so many?

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The Diversity of Environmentalism

Aicha Ly Opinion Editor

Environmentalism is an important and growing movement. There are more and more discussions about climate change and sustainability on an international scale, as seen by events such as the Paris Agreement. While the themes mentioned above (climate change and sustainability) are common themes in environmentalism, the diversity of this movement is often overlooked.

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Nineteen to Thirty: The Growth of adele From a Teen Till Now

Sophia Henry A&E Editor

            On Oct. 15, 2021, singer-songwriter Adele came out with a new song after 6 years of a musical hiatus. She released “Easy On Me” as part of her newest album 30, that will be released Nov. 19, 2021. Although she is currently thirty-three, Adele has always titled her albums the age she was when she wrote them, so her albums are a collective narrative of her life and her growth as a person and artist. This is her fourth studio album that will work as a reflection of her divorce from her ex-husband Simon Konecki who while together for seven years, was only married for two. The album also discusses the challenges of motherhood and the challenges of being in the public eye. The album includes songs titled “Strangers by Nature”, “Easy on Me”, “My Little Love”, “Cry Your Heart Out”, “Oh My God”, “Can I Get It”, “I Drink Wine”, “All Night Parking”, “Woman like Me”, “Hold On”, “To Be Loved” and “Love is a Game”, with a deluxe edition that comes with bonus tracks such as “Wild Wild West” and “Can’t Be Together”. 

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